• slide1 In an ever increasing technology dependent society, our augmented reality future is fast becoming science fact. Automated assistance will will see advertsing working around us; knowing our environment, our language, our location, our next step. FIND OUT MORE »
  • slide2 The car will be the most expensive and powerful computer we own, linked to everything from environmental sensors to entertainment on the move, all accessed from the Cloud. Information on the world around accessed anywhere. Ubiquitously. FIND OUT MORE »
  • slide3 Ubiquitous computing will see every object located on a 'smart grid' as computing power shrinks to microscopic proportions and imbeds itself invisibly into the world around us. These RFID Spychips will broadcast information further than you think. FIND OUT MORE »
  • slide4 Addressable advertising is the Holy Grail for marketers. Technology will bring both a total transparency into consumer life-cyles, as well as be able to ascertain predictive purchase habits, in order to deliver targeted messages to any screen, anywhere. FIND OUT MORE »
  • slide5 As we seemingly sleepwalk into an ever growing surveillance society, the retort "I have got nothing to hide" is a phrase we too often hear. Is 'big brother' now a state of fact to tackle current crime or a modern marketing myth duped on the unwary? FIND OUT MORE »
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Rumours. Rants. Raves. A no-holds-barred approach to exploring the ethics of the technologies that seek to shape our future. Digest. Disagree. Debate.

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Pretty pictures. Facts and figures. Consumer contradictions. Join me on my journey of discovering how to make sense of the now - and all that is still to come - as I share a selection of slides that help make up the story of our ever changing consumer experience.

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